GEO Software


Six modular applications, namely GEO, GEOLite, GEOX-Section, GEOCatalog, GEOView, and GEOe-View have been developed & packaged for petroleum geoscientists & oil-field engineers as the GEO Software Suite ....

.... an integrated Data Capture & Distribution System [DCDS]

.... extended now as a Well Information Portal System [WIPS].

Drawing a computerised well log is just a small link in the chain of events that need to be managed, when processing well data into distributable well information, within a modern exploration or development project.

Together, these applications now provide flexible, integrated and tailored solutions for managing both wellsite and laboratory derived data, by combining a powerful yet extremely compact database, with a user-friendly graphical interface.

If you are just looking for a log drawing package, then possibly the GEO Suite may exceed your current needs. In that case, consider another of the applications in the GEO family of products, such as GEOLogger (or even GEODraft).

However, if you are ready to upgrade to a data management system more in tune with your total operational needs, then like many of our clients, you may find we have just the solution for you!






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GEO Software is PC-based software for
WINDOWS™ 2000, XP & Vista.
GEO Software allows well information to be easily shared over your network or intranet, or with partners over the internet. 
GEO, GEOLite, GEOLogger, GEOX-Section, GEOCatalog, GEODraft, GEOView, GEOe-View, DCDS & WIPS
are trademarks of
Geologix Limited.