Project, Programme & Portfolio Management


Real Time Operations monitoring has transformed the industry’s approach to drilling, completions, and operations. RTOC environments, regardless if they are physical or virtual centers, significantly improve multi-disciplinary decision-making, field knowledge, collaboration & operations. Our upstream domain experience move our clients from a real-time operational vision to a best in class RTOC reality.

We offer

In depth knowledge of enterprise portfolio management of services, infrastructure, software, & information management to enable business agility.

Project, Program, PMO & Portfolio Management expertise to ensure rigor and discipline within all projects are maintained and execution is flawless.

Independent Project, Program or PMO Review for all gates by assessing the overall project status and effectiveness of the management processes and program being employed given the approved project / program Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Integration, People, Communications, & Risk.


Prioritization of project and programs into an multi year execution plan.

Alignment of people, capabilities, services, and technologies to be deployed.

Establishment of Integrated Portfolio Management framework for portfolio governance, demand management, planning, project or capabilities requests, and “break in” project process.

Management of technologies, priorities, budgets, risks, monitoring, standardized terminology and tools, and value capture.

Real-time Operations Centres


Management of an organization’s project & program portfolio via a Project Management Office (PMO) is critical to ensure development and delivery of next generation services and capabilities. There are many facets to integrating and managing the portfolio including project pipeline, resource planning and allocation, change control, financial budgeting and forecasting, and managing and mitigating risk. When done well, portfolio integration management can lead to significant organizational focus, clarity, improved execution, and optimization of synergies between services and capabilities to meet the business’ vision and objectives.

We offer

Over 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of real-time solutions.

Design & deployment of RTOC’s globally while realizing the Digital Oilfield business value.

Aid in building a high performance RTOC team to deliver measurable results while balancing culture, function, multi-disciplinary structure, knowledge distribution and skills.

Provide project &/or program management, organization and process design, organizational change management, and a continuous improvement process.


Situational awareness at the well site to enable instant problem detection, make informed decisions, and optimize performance of operations leading to lower costs, fewer risks, and more uptime.

State of the art data / visualization / collaboration center

Enablement of performance improvement and operational excellence

24/7 Monitoring, Technical Analysis, Team Collaboration

Systems Engineering


Having developed integration software for the oil and gas industry for over two decades, we have the expertise and agility to build customizable system integration tools to facilitate a better union and performance of your systems. Geologix has a broad range of skills, breadth of knowledge and expertise from our teams around the globe that are able to bridge the gaps between systems and leverage to your advantage. We realize not all “out of the box” systems are compatible with one another and sometimes you want more capabilities and efficiencies out of your current systems. Therefore we offer custom tools to simplify integration.

We offer

Our global team is able to build various tools needed for better integration, whether it be for simple Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and data synchronization, to the more complex integrated workflows or process based integration tools.

Capabilities and technologies to connect, deliver, transform, model, govern quality, deploy, visualize, analyze, and maintain integration

Optimization of vendor technologies via agnostic tools to allow for best of breed capabilities “out of the box”.

We provide best in class monitoring and performance management capabilities to ensure fault tolerances, resilience, and agility are met.

Proven experience in real time data flows, multiple system integrations via various languages, technologies, and disciplines.


All organizations’ systems are different and thus require some form of customized integration to enable maximum value. We help make sure your systems integration is fit for purpose, quick wins, customer focused, designed to support legacy systems, and controlled by your team(s) to provide you a competitive advantage.

We provide the latest skills, best practices, and resources to provide custom developed tools to supplement your resources.

Systems Integration can lead to reducing costs by automating workflows, integrating information for quicker decisions, and improve integrity of systems.

Human Factors


Aligning your organizations, teams, and people with your vision, mission, and objectives are one of the most critical components to a successful organization. Our advisors are able to work in varying capacities to maximize returns of your most important resource, people, whether it be implementing or improving a digital oilfield operations or managing change within projects, mergers, or reorganizations.

We offer

We provide expertise and support to executives and senior managers focused on improving human & organizational resources and alignment.

Conduct internal or comparative market analysis & organizational capability assessments to ensure people, skills, are aligned with strategic direction, objectives, and required capabilities.

Design & strategy to assure the most effective skills and capabilities are in a structure to enable services and innovation.

Help build skills / competency road maps & matrixes

Able to assist in Coaching & Mentoring program development & implementations

Culture building & consistency techniques and tools to ensure integration and alignment.

Help our clients work through long term objectives in association with Succession planning and leadership development

Global Leadership training development planning to ensure your global leadership teams are grown in house and consistent with the values and mission of the companies.

Learning Management Systems & Training curriculum planning to improve competencies and organization capability thru the use of skill maps for technical professionals.

Integrating cultures after a merger or building new teams through a series of values exercises, personalities testing, and alignment and team building techniques.


Increased communication is a result by having more frequent feedback and interaction within the organization. It also enables alignment of teams to shared company values and objectives. Candid communication also leads to better understanding and alignment across all levels of the organization.

Employee development and integration allows for empowerment of individuals to bring about change within an organization and allows for them to live up to their full potential, while having improved morale, within the appropriate developmental framework.

Organization, product, and service enhancements results from having an organization that is able to enhance and transition skills and capabilities to meet evolving market demands.