Systems Integration


System integration is the process of merging, linking, or aligning subsystems to add value and capabilities to an organization. Managing a variety of systems can be taxing to an organization and integrating systems can often lead to better production, management, and synergies if implemented well.

We offer

Geologix integrates production systems, digital oilfields, drilling, legacy and enterprise systems and data.

We define the end state and objectives, measure gaps and differences in systems, analyze results, implement improvement initiatives, and put controls in place to ensure your return on investments are maximized.


We understand the complexities of integrating systems, but we also know the benefits from integration. Not integrating systems can leave data, process, people, technology and therefore organizations siloed and kept from optimizing to their full potential, ultimately leading to a loss of production and money.

Operations are continuously challenged by insufficient financial and human resources and an ever expanding scope of responsibility. Systems integration is a means of doing more with less. Integration can allow you to see new perspectives and reduce work effort and time allowing for better use of resources.

Process Improvement


Process improvement and managing its associated change is essential for a business to survive and thrive by enabling business agility. When successfully executed, it should yield significant benefits & improved effectiveness & efficiency. However, if mismanaged, process improvement and subsequent transitions have a high probability of failure and expose more risks and costs to organizations.

We offer

Enterprise Alignment Analysis of strategy and objectives against operations

Process mapping, design, & workflow reengineering

Impact & Change readiness assessment

Risk management & benefits realization

Expertise in quantifying realistic business value to set and manage expectations


Boost in effectiveness & efficiency

Reduce Costs / Increase Revenue

Improved safety, quality services, & accountability

Compliance Assurance


Having developed integration software for the oil and gas industry for over two decades, we have the expertise and agility to build customizable system integration tools to facilitate a better union and performance of your systems. Geologix has a broad range of skills, breadth of knowledge and expertise from our teams around the globe that are able to bridge the gaps between systems and leverage to your advantage.

We offer

Bespoke automation tools ranging to aid in automating system integration, data management, and Extraction, Transform, & Loading (ETL) routines.

20+ years of Systems Integration and Information Management via tool development within geoscience, drilling, and engineering

We have the ability and expertise to develop and build custom data tools with our in house expertise of developers and Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Vendor neutrality


Capabilities and technologies to connect, deliver, transform, model, govern quality, deploy, visualize, analyze, and maintain integration

Optimization of vendor technologies via agnostic tools to allow for best of breed capabilities “out of the box”.

We provide best in class monitoring and performance management capabilities to ensure fault tolerances, resilience, and agility are met.

Proven experience in real time data flows, multiple system integrations via various languages, technologies, and disciplines.



Increased protection from external threats

Reducing costs by automating workflows, integrating information for quicker decisions, and improve integrity of systems.

Merger & Acquisition


When oil and gas prices drop, it is inevitable energy companies will look for investment opportunities to merge or acquire complimentary assets, market share, and technologies to improve shareholder value or advance strategic initiatives. Integration of IT enterprises is much more than integrating IT systems, data, applications, and infrastructure. The merger’s most critical aspect is the integration of people, behavioral norms, and culture.

We offer

Acceleration of Digital Oilfield integration and enable value creation by providing a proven, comprehensive, and repeatable integration framework, methodologies, and toolkits.

We tailor our services to compliment your needs and capabilities while working closely with your teams.

We provide the energy industry subject matter experts to optimize the Digital Oilfield’s people, processes, technologies, and information.

We provide Human Factors specialists and organizational psychology subject matter experts to empower people and culture thru times of change.

A systematic methodology to merging strategies, critical capabilities & services, operating models, data, applications, and infrastructure portfolios.

A repeatable methodology, framework and toolkit (see illustrations below) to manage the mechanics of change from facilitating initial post merger integration meetings to decommissioning of services via an Integration Program Office (IPO).


Focus on managing change within the culture and people

Manage the change to Digital Oilfield operations to ensure production optimization and drilling operations continue uninterrupted.

Enable rapid integration and make the new organization’s operations more effective and efficient by leveraging best practices while keeping the business running.

Human Factors specialists and expertise, along with organizational psychology subject matter experts, to identify, measure, and plan for the differences and gaps among people, units, geographical regions and functions.

Data Quality


With an ever-increasing number of strategic and tactical business decisions being made from data and its’ associated analytics, a data quality strategy and management has never been more critical. Technology-only approaches are not sufficient to provide sustained data quality improvements, culture, and lifecycle. The road to data quality improvement involves a detailed strategy and must be a continuous improvement process.

Big data? Big Deal. We continue to hear about companies struggling with “Big Data” and we believe it is just another way to make poor decisions with “garbage in” and “garbage out”, but on a bigger scale. It is now more vital to understand and control data quality to support business decisions.

We offer

Data Quality Audits & Management

Quality Control & Assurance

In depth knowledge of the key aspects of data quality including comprehensiveness, consistency, timeliness, accuracy, & accessibility.

Quality improvement methodologies & culture

Integration of Data Quality operations into Applications & Infrastructure

Automate quality control workflows

Data migration & reconciliation expertise to aid in getting to one Master Data domains after a merger or acquisition


Reduce operating costs

Improved decision making & trusted data

Improved business and information processes

Improved team collaboration

Maximize Return on Information (ROI)

Data Integration


Data Integration is a critical process to leverage the power of data and derive better information to drive strategic business initiatives. GSI understands data is the building blocks of information, knowledge, and wisdom within an enterprise. We also know the challenges you face managing the entire lifecycle of collecting, storing, integrating, analyzing, and transforming your data all while data grows year upon year. Multiple data sources, redundant data, multiple data streams, and data reconciliation all drain your organization of time, money, resources, and opportunities if your data is not integrated.

We offer

GSI has extensive knowledge how to manage these challenges using proven methodologies, protocols, standards, and tools to improve the integration of your data.


Architecture Integration to align technologies & protocols with the growth demands of your business to better manage high data volumes & complexities, batch services, real time streams, and unstructured data while ensuring better efficiencies and business alignment

Cloud Integration to enable the cloud through essential data management support and data exchange between in house and cloud-based solutions securely

Joint Venture Integration to allow Shared Services across your business lines and partners to establish “Safe Zones” of segregation to improve consistency and efficiencies across all of your JVs.