Cloud services

Geologix has two real-time cloud based software services, WellXP and WellSTORE .

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Remote Well Monitoring

A unique cloud hosted, vendor neutral real-time service wellxp on laptop cloud
No Rig Hardware, No Rig Personnel

WellXP is completely cloud hosted. No engineer or server hardware of any kind is sent to the rig.

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Monitor Drilling Performance

View rig activity and timeline analysis of PT/NPT and display drilling optimization flags and drilling parameters.

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Track and Analyse Subsurface Data

Combine critical depth based data feeds from mudlogging and M/LWD and perform real-time calculations such as Gas Ratios and SW.

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Don't Wait for the Geology

Enable the wellsite geologist to send up-to-date geological interpretations direct to WellXP real-time logs using GEO Suite applications.

Collate and Share Static Information

Organise and manage the effective sharing of reports, logs and data within the document portal of WellXP.

Geologix provides a unique multi-well monitoring service that is flexible, customizable and highly accessible.

The service is built on cloud technology providing a web portal to view all well documents and real-time data. WellXP aggregates surface and subsurface logging data from multiple service companies together with key geological interpretations from the wellsite geologist to make a comprehensive real-time display.

Monitoring in the Cloud

Explore WellXP
wellxp on ipad
View anywhere, anytime

Whether you are in the office, at the airport or at home, WellXP can be accessed on multiple devices and operating systems.

Instant operations overview

Drop into WellXP to see rig by rig status, specific well progress and cost charts, and a snapshot of operations activity with PT/NPT analysis.

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Effective decision making

Support the wellsite team by monitoring key elements of the operation, and join key decisions on drilling efficiency, subsurface analysis, and geological prognosis.

Monitored service

Geologix monitors two key areas of the system: Server Health and Data Quality. Our aim is to proactively report and fix issues before operations are affected.

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Geological Monitoring
  • Depth based logs
  • Combined drilling, LWD and Geology interpretations
  • QC'd interpretations from Wellsite Geologist (Lithology, Descriptions, Fm Tops, Casing)
  • Bit Depth and Hole Depth
Real-Time Complog

GEO Suite log authoring applications GEO and GEOLite are used at the wellsite to upload key geological interpretations to WellXP. Drilling and logging data can then be seen alongside QC'd lithology, up to date formation top picks and prognosed casing points - directly from the wellsite geologist.

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Drilling Performance Monitoring
  • Hydraulics and flow monitoring
  • ECD calculation
  • Cutting Clearing Index and CA%
  • Surge and Swab Pressure interpretation
  • Stick Slip severity
  • Torque and Drag severity indicator
Real-Time Subsurface Analysis
  • Water Saturation
  • Gas Ratios
  • Formation Fluid Characterization
  • Net Pay flag
  • Custom calculations
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wellxp 3d trajectory
3D Trajectory Monitoring
  • Load prognosed well path
  • Actual well path updates in real time
  • Touch gesture enabled
Connect subject matter experts

WellXP is powered by our industry certified WITSML server WellSTORE. This means that all your real-time data is available in WITSML format, which your enterprise level applications can consume in real time for advanced investigations and analysis.

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wellxp operations hub
Operations hub

Because WellXP aggregates all your real-time data from Mudlogging, M/LWD, Geology and Drilling, it's the obvious place to keep you up to date on all your operations.

During morning meetings the whole team, on and offshore, can discuss and observe the wells progress, and plan together.

Keep in touch

An integrated chat system allows all users the ability to message colleagues to share info and ideas.

All chat messages are timestamped and archived within WellXP for traceability and auditing.

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Reporting integration
Automatic Day vs Depth and Cost charts

Drilling progress information can be extracted automatically from your Daily Drilling Report and used to update a Day vs Depth or Cost Chart.

Expose the value of your Drilling Reports

Automatically display the latest headline information from a Daily Drilling Report that is uploaded to WellXP.

Smart File Upload

Upload multiple documents at one time to designated areas of the document portal.

Archive and Export

Extract real-time curve data for use in other applications and archive the files, reports and logs from the document portal in WellXP, for long term storage on your corporate networks.

wellxp operations hub
wellxp operations hub
Brand and Customise

WellXP is your system. We can customize and tailor it to your design and operational footprint.

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Aggregate. Convert. Deliver.

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Industry Certified WITSML Server

Certified by Energistics ® for and standards.

No Rig Hardware, No Rig Personnel

WellSTORE is completely cloud hosted. We don't send engineers or server hardware of any kind to the rig.

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Access anywhere, anytime

Regardless of your location, real-time data is available onshore, offshore - office or home.

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Safe and Secure

WellSTORE employs the latest web encryption technology to ensure your data remains... your data.

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Aggregate and Share

Standardize the data flow from the rig into your organisation, regardless of data provider.

WellSTORE is a WITSML based data conversion and delivery store facilitating the aggregation and standardized delivery of multiple data types and sources through the Internet. It is designed to deliver continuous access to service company data by expert systems such as G&G and Drilling applications using WITSML. WITSML – or Wellsite Information Transfer Specification Markup Language – is the industry standard protocol for Internet based access to well-site data.

As a fully managed and hosted service, WellSTORE is always online, needing no hardware or software installation by the operator or service companies. All it requires is a continuous feed from the rig via the Internet. Multiple remote applications can then securely log on to WellSTORE and access the desired data for continuous consumption. WellSTORE stores all data it receives in a secure database. This means that all data aggregated in the system remains live at all times, even after the well has stopped drilling.

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Hosted service

Subscription based – no need to own any software or hardware. Next to no setup requirement for oil company or service company IT departments. Zero footprint.

Retain flexibility of data providers

Retain standardized WITSML format for your critical operations applications regardless of who's acquiring the data.

It's simple for data providers to connect to WellSTORE thanks to standard communication practices.

Simple and Customisable

Manage the data flow for multiple wells in multiple geographic locations. Manage user accounts remotely.

Capture critical information

WellSTORE supports many WITSML objects to bring you standardized, easily consumable data for drilling, subsurface and geology disciplines.