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Share files with our free to download log viewing application.

GEOe-View is a web-enabled application for viewing and printing graphical database files (ODF) created by GEO Software Suite products:GEO, GEOLite, and GEOLogger.

GEOe-View allows the user to open an ODF and view it on screen or print sections. It is also possible to print continuous log plots with GEOe-View as long as your printer has the capability to print continuous media.

Embed GEOe-View into your web-delivered systems.

GEOe-View runs as a standalone application and also as a plug-in to Internet Explorer. This means you can open the dynamic files created by GEO Software Suite products directly in a standard web browser and view both the log plot and the underlying data.

GEOe-View is used as a versatile tool to display real-time logs within the web-delivered WellXP system.


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Manage your GEO Software Suite files easily

GEOCatalog is an application that allows easy management of files created by the authoring programs that comprise the GEO Software Suite.

GEOCatalog finds and collates all ODF files within any defined local or network path(s) and returns them within a customizable ‘spread-sheet’ format. The application queries a number of standard and custom fields within each ODF log file, allowing you to review a considerable amount of well information or data without having to open each ODF file in turn.

Search returns returned within the catalog are readily sortable to allow you to quickly find the information you need. You can launch your preferred editing or viewing application (including GEOe-View) for any ODF file by simply clicking the catalog entry. To download and run the application you need to hold a current, supported license of either GEO, GEOLite, or GEOLogger. The dongle for that license must be attached to your computer (or ‘visible’ on your network). You must also have necessary access permissions to any local or network folders containing the ODF files to be cataloged.

ODF files can be viewed directly inside GEOCatalog where GEOe-View is also installed on your machine providing immediate access to the log.


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Scientific calculation with unit conversion

The application is a scientific calculator with built in conversions for many common oil and gas industry units (eg. lbs/gal - gm/cc).


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