Real-Time Net-Pay Calculations

Produce a real-time net-pay calculation in order to reduce the time required for planning and sending completion equipment offshore in development wells.

Solve Crucial Well-Path Issues

Solve a crucial issue in well direction and path, where a fault area lies close to the path of the well.

Determine Casing Points

Reduce the time required for determining a casing point by correlating the current drilled well with offset wells.

Data Management

Create a bespoke solution to keep your well information secure, organised and easy to access.

Digitise Paper Logs

Utilise large amounts of valuable geological information typically confined to paper logs for correlation and modelling of current or future campaigns.

Lab Quality Core Description Logs

Replace hand drawn paper core logs with digital logs using GEO. Use touch screen devices to shape grain size and texture profiles and have all your geological information in digital format.

Shale Gas Well Specific Logs

Produce a log format specifically to display, interpret and analyse specific tools or datasets acquired during drilling of a shale gas well.

Remotely Monitor Your Well

Contribute to your drilling operation from any location and device by viewing drilling, subsurface, and geological data as well as up to date reports and documents.

Real-time Geology

OK so it’s not real-time geology, but a very simple solution to delivering geological information into real-time displays. How about geologically referenced real-time LWD data for your next well?