Designed for read-only sharing of GEO documents.

GEOView is an application of the GEO Software Suite designed for read-only sharing of files created by GEO, GEOLite or GEOLogger. It allows users to select the depth range of a plot to view on screen or to scale the output to any supported printer/plotter.

GEOView enables your colleagues and well partners to readily access daily lithology log updates or quickly view final composite logs. Data export functionality enables you to export curve data (over any specified interval) as a LAS, tab-delimited or comma-separated ASCII file.

Collaborate effectively.

All other information contained in the ODF log document (mnemonics, tables, free-format text, symbols, modifiers, lithology, comment text, ageing columns) may also be exported (from a specified depth range or whole log), in the form of a text file.

Distribute over the network or your corporate intranet, specific sub-sets of the well data to authorized petrophysicists, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, and so on and get more effective collaboration with your teams.

A secure, cloud-based document management system which provides access to real-time data monitoring.

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A web-enabled application for
viewing and printing files created by
GEO Suite software products.