Solve Crucial Well Path Issues




Solve a crucial issue in well direction and path, where a fault area lies close to the path of the well.
An operator drilling offshore tries to reach their primary objective through a deviated well. Towards the end of the well, the drill path is only 50ft from a large fault in the field. Drilling through the fault could cause serious problems and would be very expensive. The operator is using a real-time MWD to monitor the well path.



The Geologix Solution

The GEO software allows accurate monitoring of the well profile using the MWD data stream by plotting the well path based on a user selected projection.





Prior to drilling, the operations geologist is able to create a prognosis of the well path and place it as part of the header in the log template. During the actual drilling operation GEO utilizes the real-time survey data to automatically overlay the actual well path.
The use of GEO in this case enables the monitoring of both well path and geological data concurrently, ensuring the accuracy of the well direction and preventing serious and costly drilling errors.