Drilling Performance
Drilling Performance Monitoring

WellXP provides a platform for operations oversight and decision support - key components of any effective and safe drilling operation.


Remote Well Monitoring

Your Well Operations Hub

WellXP is the operations hub for your drilling campaign, suited to multi-well and multi-vendor services. Subject to your role in each well track, contribute or manage operations remotely from any device.

Well Details

Primary landing page for any well provides high-level, but key information for getting up to date on rig activity and well progress. Review past 24 hours operations and preview the next activities – directly fed from the DDR.

Days vs Depths vs Costs charts are dynamically fed by regulated DDR upload for accurate, timely information.

Monitor NPT

Rig activities are presented from activity code values received during real-time transmissions as well as from WellXP inbuilt algorithms.

Pie chart and time-line and statistic presentations help visualise the time taken on certain activities.

Drilling Monitoring

A drilling console type display that can be accessed anywhere. Real-time values and historical trends are displayed for understanding rig activity and progress. The full well data set is available throughout the well.

Widgets help with instant recognition of bit position, rotation, on bottom or circulating status.

Drilling Optimisation

A suite of automated calculations within WellXP provide useful displays in order to aid the identification of drilling issues. These include flow monitoring and hydraulics, swab surge pressure interpretation and torque and drag indicator.

Stick slip severity, ECD calculation and Cuttings Clearing Index are also available.

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