Aggregate. Convert. Deliver.

Industry Certified WITSML Server

Certified by energistics© for 1.3.11 and 1.4.11 standards versions

No Rig Hardware, No Rig Personnel

WellSTORE is completely cloud hosted, we don’t send engineers or server hardware of any kind to the rig

Access anywhere, anytime

Regardless of your location, real-time data is available, onshore, offshore – office or home

Safe and Secure

WellSTORE employs the latest web encryption technology to ensure your data remains... your data

Aggregate and Share

Standardize the data flow from the rig into your organisation, regardless of data provider

WellSTORE is a WITSML based data conversion and delivery store facilitating the aggregation and standardised delivery of multiple data types and sources through the Internet. It is designed to deliver continuous access to service company data by expert systems such as G&G and Drilling applications using WITSML. WITSML – or Wellsite Information Transfer Specification Markup Language – is the industry standard protocol for Internet based access to well-site data.

As a fully managed and hosted service, WellSTORE is always online, needing no hardware or software installation by the operator or service companies. All it requires is a continuous feed from the rig via the Internet. Multiple remote applications can then securely log on to WellSTORE and access the desired data for continuous consumption. WellSTORE stores all data it receives in a secure database. This means that all data aggregated in the system remains live at all times, even after the well has stopped drilling.