Drilling Performance
Geology Monitoring
Aggregating data from around the rig, including geology provides a rich, geologically referenced real-time log.

Integrate geological information into your real-time logs for a comprehensive view of the well

Real-time Complog™

When the GEOSUITE is deployed on the rig to the wellsite geologist, they may upload as required their key geological interpretations.

Lithology, descriptions, shows, formation tops and casing picks can be transmitted at the click of a button to more regularly update the geological operations group.

Real-time subsurface Analysis

Subject to your subsurface environment you can enable automatic calculations that assist with real-time decision making. Gas ratios and fluid characterisation can be calculated as well as water saturation where parameters are known.

Well Trajectory Monitoring

On a deviated hole or where strict adherence to a planned trajectory is required WellXP can track the actual wellbore in 3D.

Survey values are available on mouseover and the prognosed trajectory viewable for comparison.

GEOSUITE Integration

A full prepared daily log from the wellsite is still best practice on many operations and where the GEOSUITE and WellXP are both deployed, uploading the latest log to WellXP is very easy. It’s viewable online by all who need to review it.

Other specialist logs can be uploaded, stored and view in WellXP, such as a Pore Pressure surveillance log.

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