Geo Pressure service
Geo Pressure as a Service

Pre-drill forecast, real-time dashboard and advice for your wells

No in-house pressure expert? No problem! Geologix can provide the remote expertise and guidance for your drilling project.


We provide pressure analysis in a data and log format you can own for the life-cycle of your well! Our visualisation and collaboration portal WellXP, means you have the latest geopressure information to hand 24/7 and our experienced specialists are available around the clock for decisions support.

Reliable pre-drill forecasting


Pre-drill pore pressure study provides analysis derived from offset wells and regional geological understanding.

Our forecasting service enables you to predict overburden and pore pressure, supplying you with a fracture gradient profile across the location stratigraphy.

The pre-drill model can be dynamically updated during drilling.

Discover real-time monitoring

Geologix provides a web-based dashboard to monitor the progress of your well in real-time, with data streamed from the rig via our innovative cloud server, WellXP, viewable on any device from anywhere at any time.

Clients can monitor and collaborate on live drilling activities and review log analysis and reports published by Geologix’s geo pressure experts.

The WellPSiGHT service utilises established log analysis software, live drilling dashboards and experienced advisors.

<>: Confidence and clarity throughout the lifecycle of your well

Learn about post-drill analysis

The WellPSiGHT service provides a deep, comprehensive report of the well pressure story, providing insights to enable continuous improvement and knowledge for future drilling projects.

A comprehensive geomechanical well model is generated, providing a definitive record of all subsurface pressure interpretations and measurements.

WellPSiGHT can also take existing data from any historical well to generate a Geo Pressure report, including comprehensive analysis of the wells’ viability for it's intended purpose.

WellPSiGHT will prepare you for next generation energy projects such as CCS and Geothermal.

: Confidence and clarity from start to finish.

Find out how our software and services have helped customers on challenging wells through a selection of case studies


Geologix provides robust, reliable and intelligent software, 24 hour monitoring as a service, comprehensive and personalised customer care and, where required, full training. All products and services are tailored to your specific requirements.

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