Well Stimulation Monitoring



Stimulation and reservoir engineers need to monitor and analyse live 'frac-jobs' remotely at any time of day or night, sometimes out of hours and over the weekend.

Vessel-mounted stimulation experts StimWell Services carry out multiple fracturing treatments on North Sea wells from the Island Patriot vessel. Engineers have to view the stimulation data and displays on office PC's with dedicated local software.

The jobs are ran on a complicated and delicate time-frame and access to real-time data is limited to one PC, within the Operator's office.



The Geologix Solution

The Island Patriot streams real-time pressures, temperatures and treatment parameters, directly from the vessel, to Geologix's WellSTORE WITSML server. WellXP Dashboards display live charts and read-outs as well as a 3D visualization of the fluid stages travelling through the wellbore.

Away from the office engineers and asset managers can monitor the 'frac-job' from any mobile or connected device by logging into the WellXP portal from any browser.

Specialist applications for modelling the treatments effectiveness and effect on other well pressures and equipment can connect to WellSTORE's API and consume real-time data for holistic monitoring.


StimWell Services can provide on-demand, real-time dashboards and data to their clients. This allows any stakeholder in that well to monitor the stimulation process - wherever they may be.

Moreover, with direct access to consume the real-time data in expert applications, the Operator engineers are empowered to correlate, analyse and model the impact of the treatment in real-time.