Introduction to Data Management.

The course is designed introduce the principals and best practices for managing E&P industry data. It will attend to common data management issues and challenges and their impact on the asset life-cycle.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for geoscientists, engineers and managers as well as technical computing specialists involved in managing E&P data.





Course Content

  • The core data types used in the E&P industry, valuable best practices for these data types and how to relate data types to data models and databases
  • Common data management issues and challenges with core data types, and their impact on the business
  • What is data management, why it is important, understanding data as an asset and its lifecycle, the benefits of good data management and its potential value
  • What are the components of a data management framework and the important elements that need to support the framework
  • Common data management issues and how to map these to a data management framework

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