Document Portal 2
Document Portal

Smart folders in WellXP power efficient access to documents gathered during drilling operations.

Organise and distribute the documents your organisation
generates during a well

Role based access

Access to files and folders in WellXP are protected by role based access rights, set up by the organisation's administrator. You can only browse and download those files and folders you’re allowed access to.

This means consultants or services providing information to WellXP cannot browse the whole file system.

Custom Folder Tree

As an administrator of WellXP the folder tree can be customised to your own operational needs. Folder names, groupings and access rights are all defined online.

Create the folder tree from a standard default and Add, Remove and Edit the file system on the fly.

Efficient sharing

Essentially WellXP is self-service. Log in, review reports, logs and files of interest to your role and drop information you’re responsible for.

If you want to ensure someone reviews your document quickly you can copy it to the immediate attention folder or email them a link upon upload.

Smart folders

As an operations lead or manager you’ll have lots of documents to review or provide. WellXP offers two key workflows. Firstly the ability to upload multiple files and queue them while you do something else.

Secondly, you can set yourself a folder that will mine other key folders for documents and bring them to your special folder. Handy for collating reports and logs from services.

Well Archive

At the end of the well, download all your documents and files so that you can store it offline in your well archive file system.

The offline archive retains a browser based viewing portal so you can view the WellXP structure as it was when live.

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