Well Operations

Full well life-cycle document for planning, monitoring, decision making and reporting.

The GEOSUITE is in use on many operations around the world.



Well Planning

The well operations template is finalised and a prognosis log is filled out with planned casing, prognosed tops, expected litho units, logging scheme and mud plans. Day vs Depth information can also be loaded.



Wellsite Geology App

The wellsite geologist takes the software to the rig to create logs by capturing mudlog/MWD/LWD/wireline data from the service companies on the rig and incorporating computations, interpretations and annotations as desired.

Prognosed data is exposed alongside actual data to assist in expected notable depths and potential hazards like over pressure and shallow gas.

Active Operations

The wellsite logs are saved as a single, dynamic document, that can be shared daily via e-mail and opened in GEOe-View or uploaded to the WellXP operations portal.

Also see Reporting and Analysis functions.

Operations Geology

The Operations Geologist can review the logs in GEO or GEOe-View, update the forward well plan and communicate the latest geological prognosis to the subsurface and drilling teams.



Drilling Complete

Within seconds of finishing the drilling operations, a draft composite log of the entire well is generated by simply switching to a composite log view layout.

Prognosed and actual data is presented automatically in a Well Operations Summary panel so that comparisons from pre-drill models can be made – at any stage of the well.

Well Summary

Analysis, depth correction and log finalisation is carried out as information becomes available, in order to create a final composite log of the well.

Data Management

The finalized data is exported from GEO via efficient export profiles to corporate data-stores electronically, without duplicating data entry into these systems.

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