Geo Pressure software
Software Applications for Geo Presssure Specialists

Pore Pressure and Geomechanics software for pore pressure engineers and geologists.


Fully supported and customizable. Take control of your well pressure studies throughout the whole well life-cycle

Geopressure workflows

GEO can be used across the lifecycle of the well, geopressure functions include the following:

  • Define pre-drill mud window including OBG, PP and FG
  • Advanced pre-drill stress calculations
  • Real-time PPFG modelling
  • Well-focused mechanical earth model
  • Rock failure criterion

Software ecosystem

All of our software products are designed with the end user in mind—they are intuitive, collaborative and easy to use, providing the insight you need to drill safe, successful wells.

Our software ecosystem comes with full training, 24/7 support, customisable templates, formats and calculations, and much more.


Pore pressure and geomechanics logs analysis can be fully integrated with all operations geology logs in GEO. Therefore you can utilise existing data sets from offset wells or the current well. Pressure analysis can also be done in isolation as a specialist function.

All well data and analysis in GEO is readily available to plug in to corporate well storage databases and other G&G applications.

The flexibility of the GEO software makes it ideal for next generation energy projects such as geothermal, CCS and decommissioning.

Speak to our Software Applications specialists to understand how GEO can support your pore pressure and geomechanics requirements.

Case Studies:

Well Decommissioning, Reservoir Ranking, Real-time Monitoring, Pre-drill forecast, Post-drill analysis

White papers:

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