Well monitoring. Discover a better way of working.

Geologix is a software company focused on providing innovative and reliable solutions for well monitoring.

Geologix has served the international oil and gas exploration industry since its inception in 1994. We now work with over 100 customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our small, globally distributed team of geoscientists, engineers and software developers provide systems, tools and solutions which efficiently turn your well data into secure, easily shared information.

We have developed a set of unique, easy to use tools for geological and "quick-look" petrophysical interpretation.

The software is fast, fully automated and highly portable.

We have a range of products to meet your well monitoring needs.

Geologix software is tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and users, whether at the well site or at operations level.
We provide users with a full package of maintenance and support, with geoscientists on call twenty four hours a day. With offices in the UK, Houston, Jakarta and Mumbai, you can be assured of instant support wherever you are.

New GEO Suite 7 features.

  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Imaging Log Tool display
  • Horizontal Log View
  • Corelog Description Application

GEO Suite 7 includes new workflows that mean more information is available more quickly to the well site and operations geologists.

Among many other improvements and new features, it now provides the facility to calculate and display pore pressure, overburden gradient, and fracture gradient.

Instantly share documents, reports and real-time drilling data securely.

WellXP provides a one-stop shop for uploading and sharing of all your electronic well assets. This cloud-based, zero footprint system can be accessed from anywhere in the world enabling you to quickly and effectively share well reports, real-time GEO logs and key real-time drilling information.

Produce a real-time net-pay calculation to reduce planning time.

GEO lets you minimize the time needed to design and
mobilize the completion strings and equipment sent to an operator’s production platform offshore.

Solve crucial issues in well direction and path.

GEO allows accurate monitoring of the well profile using the MWD data stream by plotting the well path based on a user selected projection.

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