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Why choose Geologix?

Our company is about more than just technical excellence.

Geologix has been a leading technology and engineering application development company since 1994, with a proven track record of providing innovative and reliable solutions across drilling, subsurface, production and pipeline. Our expertise, software and services will improve performance, allowing you to transform behaviours and use enabling technologies more effectively.

Safety and trust

The Geologix team has led innovation in the development of drilling technology since 1994. The applications developed at Geologix, in particular the flagship GEO suite, are used across the world and are robust, thoroughly tested and intuitive.

All Geologix applications and services come with experienced 24/7 global support.

Geologix is led by a desire to increase safety, transforming and overcoming wellsite challenges, and by innovation—creating solutions that work and are tailored to individual needs.

Reducing OPEX

Geologix products and services are designed to save money.

Automating common, frequent activities and reducing staffing levels, creating innovative applications to forestall events that interfere with the smooth running of a drilling project, and anticipating changes in energy needs—software that works when drilling for oil and gas that can be used for CCS and decommissioning.

The GEO ecosystem is best in class, without being highest in price. Quite simply, it saves you money.

Meeting net zero and ESG targets

Increasingly, emphasis is being placed on reducing carbon and meeting environmental, social and corporate governance targets.

Geologix is committed to developing products and services that focus on remote operations, automation, reducing environmental risks through prediction and minimum manning, instilling best practices in safety, quality and integrity.

Sustainability is built in to every product or service, ensuring longevity whilst committing to retaining cutting edge technology and support for all their customers.

Geologix is committed to advancing a collaborative, inclusive, globally diverse and culturally sensitive working environment.

Geologix provides robust, reliable and intelligent software, 24 hour monitoring as a service, comprehensive and personalised customer care and, where required, full training. All products and services are tailored to your specific requirements.