Deriving value in Integrated Operations through Data Analytics.

The course is designed to demystify jargons and scope out the best practices involved with leveraging data analytics to develop and derive value in Integrated Operations. The learning objective is to understand basic concepts in data analytics and how to apply analytics tools and techniques to enhance day to day operations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for geoscientists, engineers and managers as well as technical computing specialists involved with supporting drilling and production operations.





Course Content

  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Examples of how analytics can be used to drive decisions in an enterprise
  • Digital themes in Oil and Gas
    • Increasing drilling and production performance
    • Automated management of systems and processes
    • IoT and the connected enterprise
  • Building blocks for analytics
    • Quality data inventory
    • Digitalization of legacy documents
    • Dashboards
  • Are you ready for AI?
    • The right mindset
    • People and culture
    • Organizational “buy-in”

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