Our latest GEOSUITE software available to download free of charge

Our latest software available to download free of charge

Free log viewing application

GEOe-View allows you to view dynamic logs, with tool-tip data points, scale change, access multiple layouts and toggle from MD to TVDSS.

GEOe-View allows the user to open an ODF and view it on screen or print sections. It is also possible to print continuous log plots with GEOe-View as long as your printer has the capability to print continuous media.

GEOe-View can be deployed across your organisation for efficient log sharing and to avoid the many shortfalls of converting to PDF.

GEOSUITE File Management

GEOCatalog is a file management program principally designed to aid the administration of Well log data files (ODFs) created with the applications within the GEOSUITE.

Integrate with your system to search local and networked drives for GEOSUITE files and create a list from which you can view a live preview of your well logs.

Geoscience Calculator

Scientific calculation with unit conversion. The application is a scientific calculator with built in conversions for many common oil and gas industry units (eg. lbs/gal - gm/cc).