Well Log Authoring
Analysis and Reporting

The GEOSUITE is an integral part of the information delivery workflow of
the geological operations team

Complete Well Life-Cycle Document

A unique multi-view feature centralises the data, interpretations and analysis for a complete well journey from prognosis to completion.


Load real-time data and display instantly, generate calculations on-the-fly, produce auto-reports and perform 1-click export of data for corporate data stores.


Bespoke multi-view templates provide a company standard for log presentation and supports the auto-creation of regulator approved formats.

Simple and Effective

Easy to learn in just one day. Concentrate on the log presentation and build ‘data’ in the background.

Report and Export

Leverage the data already in your log to generate daily reports and provide data to populate corporate data stores.

GEO enables the creation of a comprehensive range of log formats representing the lifecycle of a well, and allows the team to monitor, interpret and analyse the information with easy to access tools and techniques.

This information can be shared efficiently from the wellsite to the operations base. It also serves to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to produce final well logs for submission to regulators and partners. Add to this the simultaneous creation of supporting logs such as Gas Analysis, Quick-look Water Saturation and Pore Pressure charts and GEO will ensure users can leverage all the information in the most effective way.



Create a range of different log
formats from Lithlog to Complog
in depth or date-time format to
monitor and interpret well data.


Use standard oilfield and
bespoke calculations as well as
cross-plots and graphs to further
understand the well data in real-time.


Summarise zones of interest on
your log to gather key statistics or
generate daily reports for the
morning meeting.


Anticipate the next formation
depth to set casing or pick coring
points using correlation tools
within the log. Create multi-well
correlation charts.


Visualise and monitor niche
workflows for your operations like
TOC in shale gas wells or
breakouts in low
stability boreholes.


Automate data loading and
analysis in real time and enable
up-to-depth geological
interpretations for real-time