Wellsite tool for creating a range of quality logs for any type of well & share easily with colleagues and clients

A flexible and powerful well logging tool for service company geologists and engineers

GEODraft well log authoring

It is a versatile application for creating a variety of user-defined plot presentations. GEODraft is specifically aimed at service company workflows such as creation of wellsite lith logs. Drilling parameters, Gas chromatograph and Geological observations can be entered easily.

Leverage the power of Templates

Templates provide automation that can plot curves and give access to a library of geological patterns and engineering symbols, saving valuable time.

Take advantage of standards already set up in the template and concentrate on understanding and interpreting the data, not learning the details of the software.

Report and Track

GEODraft includes the ability for a user to monitor and track activities for the benefit of internal service QC or to provide clear, consumable service performance information to the Oil Company Operator.

The data table can be used to record of activity with sub-categories and color codes. A productive and non-productive assessment can be made on each activity for performance insight. The data can be visualized and presented in easy to consume Pie Charts. All this information is included in the well log document.


GEODraft can be used to create a range of logs and visualize data received or analyzed on a well.

The following is small example of the workflows GEODraft is enabling our customers to achieve.

  • Wellsite Mudlog incl. % Lithology
  • Gas Ratio Log
  • Drilling Parameters in either Time or Depth index
  • Chromostratigraphy: Display the homogenized color of a cuttings from imagery analysis to create a proxy for lithology type or total organic carbon.
  • XRD/XRF: Plot elemental analysis of a sample as curves

Share & Communicate

Share the well log file with colleagues and clients via GEOe-View or by uploading to the WellXP online document portal. The document includes the log display and all associated data. This saves valuable time unnecessarily converting the logs to PDF format every day and allows the recipient a richer, more useful experience.

Where WellXP is deployed on a project the GEODraft file can be view directly online through your web browser or mobile device.

Oil Company ready log

The GEODraft well log file can also be opened directly by other GEOSUITE applications. The Oil Company Operator using GEO can open the file and seamlessly convert the Mud log into an end-of-well Composite log file or regional equivalent with no conversion or mapping process required.