Connect & Share

Easily load data and share your work efficiently and effectively

Keep your team up to date and don’t sacrifice plot quality and function by converting to PDF - just to share your log.

The ODF file created with the authoring applications is a compact document that includes all data, interpretations and log displays. There is no need to maintain multiple files for a log – and with Layouts all your logs from prognosis to completion are in one single file.

Share the Log

There is no need to convert your well log file into other formats – just send colleagues and partners the ODF. Anyone can download GEO-eView for free to view the logs.

Access data points, tool-tip info and control scale, layout view, zoom and print continuously on large format plotters.

Real-time Geology

During drilling you may at any time upload your lithology, descriptions and key geological markers to WELLXP.

This data, plus Formation tops and casing points can be uploaded to a real-time server with just one-click!

Because it’s WITSML data, it can be read by many leading G&G applications.

Online Document Portal

Where WELLXP is deployed on a drilling project, you can upload your ODF logs for immediate viewing by the operations team, subsurface, drilling and partners to review.

No more emailing lists or converting to PDF.

Picture Presentation

It’s often the case that you want to capture a section of log for a presentation – GEO supports export to a range of formats including TIFF, EMF, WMF and PDF.

End of Well Data Storage

Most operators will want to furnish corporate data stores at the end of the well. GEO includes the facility to output it’s data to set file formats persistently using Export templates - this can be done wholesale, with just one click!

Final Well Log Print

Whether it’s for your company's physical archive or for submission to partners or a regulatory body, a quality well log print can be done directly from GEO.

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