Specialist Workflows

Achieve a deeper and quicker insight into operational issues and subsurface knowledge.

Extend the utility of your GEOSUITE applications with specialist workflows.

Pore Pressure Surveillance

Monitor your drilling window in real-time with live Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient charts

Isolate shale sections and define your NCT to calculate PPFG from a range of source data such as DX, DT and Resistivity. Import or calculate OBG.

Refine the PPFG calculations with interpretive tool for presentations to colleagues and use on future wells.


Extend your monitoring of pore pressure using conventional well datasets set aside your pore pressure calculations.

Data sets sensitive to pore pressure change can be consumed in real-time for the most up to date assessment

Shale Gas Well Log

GEO has been used as the log authoring tool of shale gas well operators in order to aggregate well information.

A suite of calculations assess TOC as well as Brittleness Index using Poisson’s Ratio and Young's modulus.

Add in image log, directional fracture interpretation and Rose Plot analysis for a composite view.

Borehole Ovalization

Analyse the condition of the borehole through the calculation of ovalization parameters from sonic, bit and caliper data.

Displayed alongside interpreted lithology, judgement can be made on the litho units causing borehole collapse.

These logs can be used to constrain image log processing depths saving time and costs, as well as update and calibrate regional stress maps.

Core Description

Create digital core descriptions directly at the core for instant access to grain size and texture profile data.

Aggregate description data with routine core analysis data and core images for a multi-faceted core analysis document.

With quick export tools, any digital core data can be immediately available for deeper reservoir characterisations studies.


Data from sample colour can be loaded and displayed directly on the log. In Shale plays onshore USA this method of tracking carbon rich shales in being employed using the GEOSUITE.

The data can be loaded and automatically be displayed as colour bands.

Completions Log

Create a completions log within your well document as a lasting reference of logging data, geological information and well completions engineering. A joined-up, wholesome document with immense integral value.

A full library of components is available for this to be quickly added to a well log.

Coal Bed Methane Well

Manage and interpret data of a Coal Bed Methane (CBM) well. Several key CBM parameters including fixed carbon content, Vitrinite reflectance (Ro%), Cleat porosity, Gas content can be calculated or presented.

To assay and evaluate reservoir (CBM) potential against each and individual coal seam this data can set alongside typical geological and well log interpretations.


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