Pipeline Mapping
GIS Integration

GIS-enabled Predictive Pipeline Maintenance

The Geologix team have developed an advanced deep-learning data model to provide predictive maintenance of all assets deployed on a pipeline. The technology and resources deployed can be shared amongst operators, allowing them to use the most advanced, sophisticated technology at an economic rate. The result is thematically presented over a GIS-based dashboard, including spatial, seasonal and temporal geographical data.

E-Commerce Platform

The solution is based on the equivalent model of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon® and Flipkart®, where a complete range of products, even competitive products, is available. An E-commerce platform has been developed for collaborative trading (buying and selling), while an engineering solution platform focuses on the industry life cycle, where physical, tradable items are replaced by standalone engineering and/or business solutions. Customers are able to pick and choose based on budget, preference, loyalty or other selection parameters.


The cloud-based inter-operability engineering solution canvas (i-esc) is a collaborative platform into which each standalone solution provider can plug an application for a Universal Pipeline Data Model (UPDM). A neural network layer places competitive solutions on i-esc, where a customer solution path is determined by the customer’s problem statement. i-esc partners get a fair share of the revenue, based on a time log of their solution on a pay-as-you-go model. This business model does not restrict participating solution providers from their existing business outlets.

The advanced deep learning algorithm known as "back propagation” is used to define the integrity and predictive maintenance of pipeline assets. i-esc provides an economical solution for pipeline operators and civil contractors to host and collaborate/share their design, survey, testing, maintenance, asset, and other engineering and business data. This offering requires no capital investment. The platform offers a full range of engineering solutions that address the complete lifecycle of a pipeline from planning to construction to operation and eventually abandonment.