Improve Production Performance
The GOA platform uses Data Analytics to predict reduction in production performance or critical equipment failure

Geologix Operations Advisor

The core capabilities of the Operations Advisor platform present opportunities for adoption across many areas in the upstream and downstream businesses, including in Operations, Subsurface, Maintenance and Drilling teams. For example, an area where Operations Advisor can add significant value is in Production Operations. The platform can increase performance by:

Streamlining Analysis of the Production System

  • Structuring unstructured data
  • Animation of existing diagrams or new sketches
  • Quick to create views
  • Flexible, intuitive visualisations (multivariate scatter plots, colour-coding)

Identifying production challenges before they occur

  • Create calculations and rules to identify recurring issues early
  • Send alerts with early warning of impending production issues

Improving decision-making through prioritisation of high value activities

  • Move from reactive to proactive – more effective activity planning
  • Intelligent alerts to target high-value activities
  • Function of time to event and severity of event

Reducing the time from analysis to execution by capturing best-practices

  • Store notes on production events, procedures and best practices
  • Linked to asset model (i.e. relevant to equipment type/system)
  • Facilitate collaboration between functional areas i.e. wells / facilities

Central to the design of the Operations Advisor platform is the use of Data Analytics to predict reduction in production performance or critical equipment failure, and to prescribe and prioritise corrective actions based on correlation of data patterns with failure events of the past.


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