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Enabling Collaborative Decision Making Through Immersive Visualisation

SPE 191525, ATCE 2018, Dallas, 24 - 26 September 2018

The real strength of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies is their capability to disseminate information to the user in a truly immersive experience. One area where this could be very valuable in is in the support of drilling and production operations. Real-time Operations Centres (RTOCs) are now in widespread use but these suffer from high capital and operating costs, they are difficult and expensive to reconfigure and are often difficult to engage with from a remote location. Conversely, a Virtual Real-time Operations Centre (vROC) is low cost, can be configured quickly and decommissioned readily when no longer required. With modern networking configurations it is easy to connect from anywhere. This paper describes the first developments of a vROC.

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Parliamentary Review 2020: Embracing technological innovation

The Parliamentary Review 2020 - Highlighting best practice

Geologix develop software applications and provide advisory and technical services to the oil and gas sector. Director Julian Pickering says the company helps to optimise drilling and production through specialist technology platforms hat drive better decision-making and higher levels of efficiency. As a director of an organisation with a focus on digital transformation, Julian discusses the importance of embracing technological innovation.

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