Application Trial
Application Trial

Experience Geologix applications online

Accessing your Trial

The applications available in your trial are listed below. The dates over which the trial is available will have been shared with you by Geologix along with your username and password.

For assistance with the applications during the trial please feel free to contact the support team, anytime.

Please note the trial is conducted online so a stable internet connection is required.

Log Authoring, Analysis and Reporting

Click to download GEO

Download App

Please install the desktop application. To access GEO a username and password is entered upon start-up. Please contact Geologix if you have not received your account details.




Multi-well Correlation

Click launch to begin your application trial.

Launch Application

Clicking Launch Application will download a remote desktop file (.rdp). Click this file to access the software and enter your login details at the prompt.

Please only use this service to experience the principles and workflows of the applications, commercial work should not be undertaken.

Please only use the example data and files provided or you own public domain data.