Achieving Digital Oilfield Competency 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Digital Oil Field, Digital Transformation

SPE 167432, Intelligent Energy 2013, Dubai, UAE, 28-30 October 2013

Many oil and gas operators now see Digital Oilfield as a mature technology and yet there is still a broad spectrum of knowledge across the industry about what it is and how to derive a good return on investment.  Much has been said about developing the “People??, “Process?? and “Technology?? sectors in parallel but even the most enthusiastic Digital Oilfield adopters would admit that it is the “People?? sector that gives them the greatest challenge.  The big problem is how you engage the entire workforce, from senior managers to field technicians, in a technology with which only a few are really “hands on??.  Many companies have chosen to ignore this problem and yet the entire workforce must be engaged, as the senior managers will be the financial decision makers and the field technicians will be the enablers of real-time data.

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