Adopting Cloud Technology to Enhance the Digital Oilfield 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Digital Transformation

IPTC Conference, Qatar, 7 – 9 December 2015

The digital oilfield is a fundamental consumer of information technology. It requires the sourcing of reliable data, managing and storing that data effectively and serving it to operational decision makers. Cloud computing has forever changed the game in information technology. It could bring significant enhancements to the digital oilfield providing that the industry feels comfortable that data resilience, privacy and security are maintained. This paper looks at how to provide this assurance.

The big concerns with cloud computing are data loss and an uncertainty where the data is actually residing. Coupled with a growing number of security threats, these are holding back adoption in digital oilfield implementations. Some companies have introduced a “private cloud”, which has enabled them to retain data within their own network boundary. However, this has prevented them from reducing their infrastructure costs and they have had to size their computing power and storage requirements to meet the highest level of demand, which may only be needed occasionally. Conversely, a public cloud enables a “pay as needed” service.

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