Deriving Business Value from Implementing WITSML 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Drilling, WITSML

Russian Oil and Gas Technology (ROGTEC) magazine, Issue 022/04, October 2010

The Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSMLTM) enables the upstream oil and gas industry to communicate wellsite information efficiently. The benefits for adopting a standardized approach to exchanging drilling information are intuitive for most drilling engineers and managers in the industry and usually include the following reasons:

»    WITSML allows energy companies to leverage their investment in highly instrumented fields and enables new capabilities for automation and optimization that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to achieve.
»    WITSML reduces the cost of information exchange between software applications within an operating company and between operating companies, joint ventures, partners, contractors, and regulatory authorities.
»    WITSML reduces the cost of replacing or substituting software which results in improved functionality.

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