Energistics Standards Summit 11th January 2022 – Posted in: Digital Oil Field, Digital Transformation, Drilling, WITSML

Digital Energy Journal, Issue 10, Page 28, January 2008

Julian Pickering, responsible for new digital technology within the BP drilling and completions function, talked about his experiences driving the development of WITSML at BP. “Talking about energy companies as a whole, we need to make WITSML attractive to all stakeholders,” he said. “It’s not about buying and selling but about working together so it benefits all.” At BP there are several challenges to implementation,” said Dr Pickering. “First there are human factors and politics, getting people to move on from past procedures.” “Secondly BP has a unique structure that is very autocratic with multiple independent business units. There is no concept of a de facto standard; we have to work with each unit from scratch to present the business case.” 

“Finally we have to present a consistent message, some of the feedback is not positive which raises the argument in favour of different solutions. We have to speak with one voice so there is no doubt about what we are doing.” “It becomes easier to persuade a business unit to use WITSML if you have stories of other BP business units who have used it to gain value,” he said.

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