Geophysical log based coal characterization of middle Permian Barakar formation from North Karanpura coal field, India 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Exploration

Journal of the Geological Society of India, Springer, 2018, Vol 92, pp 36-44, Sydney, Australia, Mar 29-30, 2018

North Karanpura coal field is the western most marginal coal bearing segment of east-west trending Damodar valley basin. It consists of middle Permian Barakar Formation with sandstone, siltstone, coal and shale being the dominant lithofacies, deposited in a fluvial meandering environment, giving rise to repetitive fining upwards cycles. Study of geophysical logs, the drilled core holes were used to identify lithofacies, correlate coal seams with splitmerge behavior; which has been used to understand lateral and vertical facies disposition. Geophysical logs have been employed to compute various coal assay parameters–ash, fixed carbon, moisture, volatile content, cleat porosity, vitrinite reflectance seam wise. Study of log based coal assay parameters, calibrated with lab based values depicts lateral coal quality variation, i.e. decreasing ash content, higher fixed carbon from east to west, which can be a great proxy for future development of field or mine planning.

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