Global GeoPressure Advice (GGA) and Geologix Limited Announce new collaboration, offering “joined-up” services for well planning and drilling 15th February 2022 – Posted in: Press Releases

Norwich, February 2022, posted by Tracey Dancy

GGA and Geologix are delighted to announce a collaborative offering, providing a simple, linked service for planning of wells, their drilling and monitoring and their subsequent archiving.

GGA’s advisory services, which comprise integrating pore pressure, basin studies, sedimentology, structural geology, drilling and geomechanics, complement and support the Geologix WellXP offering, which provides a unique, remote well monitoring service that is flexible, customizable, and highly accessible. The service is built on cloud technology providing a real-time web portal for decision collaboration between client and pressure experts.  This joint venture will provide an integrated, holistic Geo Pressure service across the well lifecycle, de-risking prospects and increasing safety, optimising production, and reducing OPEX.

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