Impact of Bioturbation on Reservoir Quality and Production – A review 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Exploration

Journal of the Geological Society of India, Springer, 2017, Vol. 89, Issue 4, pp 460-470

Bioturbation is a typically small scale yet potentially significant geological process altering rock properties by reworking. For many years, bioturbation studies found application in exploration geology to estimate paleobathymetry, interpreting depositional environment and identifying key stratigraphic surfaces. These act as vital inputs to the geological models, for determination of source rock potential, reservoir quality and modeling of petroleum systems. Recently geologists extended the application of bioturbation studies to address production related challenges. Recognizing the bioturbation effects and incorporating them in reservoir simulation models can improve production predictions and enhanced oil recovery operations. This paper discusses bioturbation and its effects on reservoir quality, its performance and production.

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