Laying the Foundation for Increasing Efficiency of Intelligent Wellsite Communications 8th February 2022 – Posted in: Digital Oil Field, Digital Transformation, Drilling, WITSML

SPE 150278, Intelligent Energy 2012, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 27-29 March 2012

When implementing an intelligent oilfield strategy it is tempting to focus on smart technology: advanced applications, novel instrumentation and collaborative environments. The data architecture is often overlooked. As deployments increase, it is important to review the industry data foundation and future direction.
WITSML version 1.4.1 is here and takes several bold steps to provide a robust, real-time foundation for data exchange and preservation. This version, the product of over two years of collaborative work by participants from oil companies, service companies and technology providers, is poised to be the keystone of the intelligent oilfield data architecture for wellsite communications.
WITSML 1.4.1 is simpler, more efficient and better defined than previous versions. It addresses several problems that hindered earlier versions by clearly specifying API behaviour and resolving ambiguities. It is also more prescriptive, which makes greater demands on software vendors but assures the one thing that matters most: interoperability. With a host of technical improvements, including new data objects, broader scope, data compression, query optimisation and change logs, version 1.4.1 will help increase the speed of information transfer and simplify use and deployment throughout the industry. To support WITSML adoption, Energistics is putting more emphasis on product certification and has initiated accredited training for developers and implementers.

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