Well Data Management
Well Log Data Management

Enabling Analytics on Legacy Information

Geologix Limited provides full digitalisation of well logs for petrophysical, geophysical and geological analysis. We can convert typical western-style logs, mud logs, non-standard international logs and meter tadpole plots.

Why choose Geologix?

Geologix provides a full life-cycle services, from scanning & digitalisation of legacy well logs to managing well log data in a corporate data management system. We enable analysts and interpreters to have easy access to data, as well as simplified loading and formatting, leading to rapid, accurate decision-making.

Geologix offers a single-window service to manage your E&P data, simplifying complex processes caused by M&A and regulatory reporting, and ensuring that all business objectives are met.

5D Structured Approach

Well Log Digitalisation

Geologix Limited can convert all hardcopy well log data (paper, microfiche, films etc.), digital well log data (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP log images), and LIS, DLIS, LAS and ASCII files, processing them into industry standard interpretation ready electronic formats. Our service includes:

  • AS IS Analysis, identification of quantum, quality and elimination of duplication
  • Scanning of logs, reports and other paper documents in to TIFF, JPEG or PDF format
  • Data extraction from documents by OCR/ICR
  • Digitisation of well log curves
  • Digitisation depth, dip, azimuth and quality from tadpole plots and matching the curve depth
  • Capture of well header information
  • Splicing of curves to create composite logs
  • Output digital data in LIS, or ASCII format

Well Log Data Quality Management

This service offers a data quality audit on the in-house well data to ensure that the data is fit for purpose. We also run a data quality enhancement program to bring the existing data to the desired quality level. In addition we have home grown applications to validate well header data and generate the gap matrix.


Well Log Data Management

  • Geologix Limited takes a consulting approach to developing and deploying a best-in-class E&P Data Management System.
  • We have international experience in the design and deployment of systems, using stage-gated implementation for maximun agility.
  • We are able to work with existing systems, or recommend and implement fit-for-purpose systems to suit client requirements. Our service is business-led, not IT-led.
  • We offer cross platform/technology E&P data migration, and integration of seismic, location and well data.

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